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Wednesday 1/20

Office Hours 

11 AM Pacific

What do you have on your mind, what do you need support with? Let's chat, look at lesson upgrades, or let me help you with how to use a particular product.

Saturday 1/23


10 AM Pacific

Reaching and Teaching ALL Students

Alice Keeler is teaming up with TwistED Teaching's--Alexes Terry--to provide you with additional benefits for your membership. Come hang out with Alice, and get to know Alexes, as they discuss how to create a learning environment that reaches and teaches ALL students.


12 PM Pacific

DOK 3 & 4 assignments in Google Classroom

Let's talk DOK!! How much critical thinking are our students engaged in? What is depth of knowledge and let's look at some examples of higher critical thinking tasks.

Examples of DOK 3 and 4 Assignments that can be created and assigned to High School students in different content areas


1:00 PM Pacific

90 minutes: Let's Make Jams!

My guiding principles for "why use a Jam" is how will learning be messy? How will it help the students to do the thinking? How can they collaborate? Will it ignite discussion?

WHAT TOPIC ARE YOU TEACHING THIS WEEK? Let's brainstorm and create together a Jam that will upgrade the activity from what can be done with paper.

Sunday 1/24


12:00 PM Pacific

Form to Slides Premium Add-on

This is one of my favorites! You have students fill out a Google Form and it automatically becomes a slide in your presentation. In this webinar you will experience how this works and then set up your own Form. I reuse the same form over and over all semester. Makes student engagement easy!

Office Hours 

1 PM Pacific

Let's brainstorm! I'm hanging around to answer any questions you have or to look at lessons to brainstorm ways to kick them up a notch. Office hours are informal.