Innovative and Practical Professional Development

For Student Centered Teaching

Alice Keeler offers her expertise in online, distance, and virtual learning with solid pedagogy in a variety of engaging ways.

Alice is passionate about student centered classrooms and how to intentionally use technology, and when not to use technology, to improve learning with 21st century skills. Alice’s presentation style is funny and direct about what improves learning. Alice is a firm believer that building relationships and improving feedback are more valuable than putting things online and those are the things that she focuses on through hands on, engaging and interactive sessions that leave educators motivated and with new and practicals skills to implement in the classroom.

Want Alice to present or train virtually or in person for your school, district or event?

Professional Development

Alice’s workshops, trainings, and webinars are engaging and practical.

Alice also offers her expert support in Google Classroom through the AiceKeeler Premium Membership

Workshops offered of a variety of topics and levels

Get expert support from Alice as you learn and impliment ideas and tricks

Content at your own pace, about 1 hour of content a week