Thank you for checking out Alice’s sessions! In general, these sessions run about an hour, and Alice will do her best to work with you to make sure the training session meets your needs. Alice always has more to say, so most sessions can fill a longer time frame, or be applied as an all day workshop if desired. With rare exception, Alice’s sessions are interactive and hands-on, but the Chrome extensions and add-ons that will be shared are not tablet friendly. Participants should bring a laptop or Chromebook to Alice’s presentation. Participants should also come prepared for an energetic and fun day of learning with Alice!


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Teaching with G Suite
Using G Suite to Increase DOK and the 4 C’s
Introduction to Google Classroom
Intermediate Google Classroom
Advanced Google Classroom
Talk Less and Get More with Google Classroom
Google Classroom Tips and Tricks (90+ minutes)
Easy Wins with Google Classroom that are Transformational
Collaboration Activites with G Suite
Upgrade the Worksheet with G Suite
Ditch That Homework (50-60min)
Introduction to Coding with Google Apps Script (90+ minutes)
Level Up Your Learning: Badges in Google Sheets (90+)
Interact with Google Slides
Teaching Math with G Suite
Show Your Steps is Obsolete (Math session)
Faster Feedback with Google Classroom
The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet
Keep It Simple with Google Slides
Hacking Google Classroom
Using Twitter for Professional Learning
Creating Google Sites for Portfolios or Other Classroom Purposes
TemplateTab: Let’s Get On the Same Sheet
Drowning in Gmail from Google Classroom