Online Workshop

This workshop takes place in Google Classroom. It is 6 weeks and interactive. As a member you will have access to the join code when the workshop is active.


Week 1: What is DOK?
Week 2: Updating How You Teach
Week 3: Upgrade the Worksheet
Week 4: Feedback Loops
Week 5: Critique the Reasoning of Others
Week 6: Complex Thinking

This schedule is tentative and may be updated based on participant interactions and needs.

DOK – Depth of Knowledge. DOK measures critical thinking and how COMPLEX the thinking is for students. DOK runs on a 4 point scale
DOK 1 -Recall Memorize
DOK 2 – Skill/Concept
DOK 3 – Strategic Thinking
DOK 4 – Complex Thinking

How as G Suite users can we increase the DOK of our activities? In this workshop we will look at some ways we can think about the critical thinking of students and upgrade our activities utilizing the G Suite tools.

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