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Review the list of workshops below. Each workshop is available to purchase a la carte at $49 per workshop. Some workshops are only for subscription members and are indicated as such. Workshops can be joined late. Continuing education credits are available for an additional fee. Click here for more information on obtaining units for the workshops.

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G Suite Workshops

Teaching is not about tools but rather how the tools can support pedagogies that engage students and improve learning. These G Suite workshops help you to learn how to utilize the G Suite tools for teaching.

Introduction to Google Forms

6 Ways to Teach with Google Slides

Teaching with Google Sheets for Newbies

6 Google Sheets Activities with Students

Gamification for G Suite Users

Collaborative Activities Using G Suite

Introduction to Google Drive

*Teaching with Alice Keeler Chrome Extensions

*More Teaching with Google Sheets for Newbies

*More Collaborative Activities Using G Suite

*Increasing DOK for G Suite Users

*Alice Keeler Add-on Scripts

*Go Slow for the Holidays

*Keyboard Shortcuts for G Suite Users

Google Classroom Workshops

Google Classroom is an online platform that does more than Google Drive management, it allows you to better interact with your students to improve learning and relationships.

Introduction to Google Classroom

Going Further with Google Classroom

Tips and Tricks for Google Classroom

*More Tips and Tricks for Google Classroom

Coding Workshops

Coding not only helps you to be a role model to students, it greatly increases your efficiency with your teaching tasks. Google Apps Script allows you to code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more.

Introduction to Coding Google Apps Script

*More Coding Google Apps Script

*Coding Google Forms

Coding Google Sheets

Math Workshops

Teaching math digitally is not simply putting your materials online. It is teaching differently.

Math Recess with Dr. Chris Brownell

Using EquatIO for Math and Science

Show Your Work is Obsolete

Teaching Math with Desmos