It's Not Digital, It's Different

Online is a different medium than face to face, we GET to rethink how we teach.
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Patty May

One of the things I appreciate most about Alice is her feedback. She makes herself available and answers most questions quickly. I have learned the value of quick feedback from her and in turn, started quick and actionable feedback with my students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up, what now?

After signing up for the Premium Membership you should receive an email with your first set of benefits. After this you will receive a weekly email with the link that gives you access to all of your premium benefits. If you did not get an email after joining the membership please email

How do I join a workshop?

Workshops are accessible through the Premium MembershipWhen you sign up for the membership you will receive an email with access to the links and join codes to all of the workshops currently available.

What workshops are available?

As a subscription member you have access to every workshop scheduled. For an updated list of what workshops are coming up visit

Is it a set time for workshops?

Workshops through Google Classroom have a start and end date. Alice will be checking in and giving feeback. The content will still be available past the end date and the join codes are often available for recently ended workshops so that you can see the content and work through it at your own pace, the interactions however are limmited to that specific time frame.

Drip workshops do not have a start and end date. New join links are made available each week. They are delivered via email. You are able to activate these workshops (via the join links) and go through the content at your own pace. There are often office hours specific to the drip worshops recently made available.

Can I do the workshop that just ended?

While workshops through Google Classroom do have a start and end date, the join codes for workshops that have recently ended are often still available through the membership. With this you can have access to the content. At this point Alice will not be interacting and giving feedback in those workshops. She does however have office hours that you can attend as well as a weekly check in where you can ask questions.

The workshops are also rotated through. So if you missed one that you really want to participate in it will be back!

Drip workshops do not have a start and end date to them. Each week there is a selection of join links available to join. You can decide when you would like to activate the workshop that will be delivered via email.

More information about workshops can be found here.

Can I sign up for just one workshop?

We have transitioned to workshops being primarily available through the Premium Membership. This offers a more affordable option as you are able to join for $12 a month and cancel at any time.

Alice does at times sell access to one workshop in her newsletter.

If you would like to purchase an individual workshop they are available for $49 each here. After you purchase you can expect an email with the information to join the workshop you wish to here