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Math Recess Go Slow Online Workshop

Dates: TBD

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This workshop “requires” the book Math Recess by Sunil Singh and Dr. Chris Brownell. The book can be obtained at on Amazon. Dr. Chris Brownell will take you through a 6 week journey of how we can make math class more playful! This is not a book study but rather an opportunity to interact around 6 themes contained in the book. You will personally interact with the book author and have an opportunity to rethink how you want your math classroom to look. 


Week 1: Setting the Stage for Playful Learning
Week 2: Playing Causes Bruises
Week 3: Play for Fun
Week 4: The Power of Stories
Week 5: Blowing Out the Rabbit Hole
Week 6: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Go Slow Workshops™ are 6 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned before moving on to learning something new. Each week's activities are designed to take about an hour. (Note, this does not include the time you spend with your students to try out the activities.)

Unlike a self paced video course, Go Slow Workshops™ are designed to be interactive and collaborative. Activities for the week are posted on Monday and you have all week to work through the activities and interact with the teacher and other workshop participants. At the end of the 6 weeks the workshop will be archived, but can be found in Google Classroom by using the menu to access "Archived classes."

Workshop not a class. Go Slow Workshops™ are not a graded class. Participate as much or as little as you wish. As the saying goes "You get out of it what you put into it." You can simply lurk and see what is posted or fully interact with Alice and workshop participants. If you would like Continuing Education credits for the Go Slow Workshops™ please fill out this Google Form.

Go Slow Workshops™ are conducted through Google Classroom. Classroom is designed to be collaborative, interactive, and makes sharing easy. For this reason I choose to use Classroom as the platform for the workshops. The default for school G Suite accounts is to RESTRICT you to your school. You will need a PERSONAL Gmail account that ends in to join the workshops. If you would like to use your school G Suite email please have the Google Apps admin whitelist in the admin panel.

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