Math Recess Go Slow Online Workshop

Dates: TBD

Dates: July 1 – Aug 10th

$49 for 6 Weeks


This workshop “requires” the book Math Recess by Sunil Singh and Dr. Chris Brownell. The book can be obtained at on Amazon. Dr. Chris Brownell will take you through a 6 week journey of how we can make math class more playful! This is not a book study but rather an opportunity to interact around 6 themes contained in the book. You will personally interact with the book author and have an opportunity to rethink how you want your math classroom to look. 


Week 1: Setting the Stage for Playful Learning
Week 2: Playing Causes Bruises
Week 3: Play for Fun
Week 4: The Power of Stories
Week 5: Blowing Out the Rabbit Hole
Week 6: Why Can’t We Be Friends?


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