Introduction to Coding Google Apps Script

Dates: March 25th – May 4th

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Did you know you can make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc… EVEN BETTER?! You just have to know how to code it. Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript. In this workshop you will learn some basics of JavaScript and Google Apps Script and apply it to Google Docs. This workshop is intended to expose you to the fact that you CAN CODE, you can code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, and it is way easier than you think it is! This will get you started in your journey for coding. The applications in this workshop are for teachers to learn how to teach with G Suite more efficiently. This is not intended as a workshop to teach you to teach your students. This is for YOU!

This workshop assumes you know nothing about coding. Since it is only 6 weeks with just a little each week we will NOT get very far. This is really intended to give you a basic idea of what Google Apps Script is and to gain some confidence that YOU CAN DO THIS.

CAUTION: Alice can NOT review or debug your code. Part of the fun of coding is figuring out why it didn’t work. Please do not expect to share your code and ask “why is this not working.”


Week 1: Setting up Apps Script
Week 2: 2 Lines of Code
Week 3: 3 Lines of Code
Week 4: Make a Menu
Week 5: The For Loop
Week 6: Coding a Trigger


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