Teaching with Google Sheets for Newbies

Dates: TBD

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6 weeks of things you can do with Google Sheets spreadsheets as a teacher. This workshop is for educators who are new to using Google Sheets. Every subject area (even Kindergarten) should be using spreadsheets. Teachers especially need to use spreadsheets to manage their rosters, data and teacher stuff they have to do. Don’t be afraid of spreadsheets, they are awesome. Remember… “The answer is always a spreadsheet.” Even if you’re not new to spreadsheets I feel confident I have some tricks you did not know.


Week 1: What is DOK?
Week 2: Updating How You Teach
Week 3: Upgrade the Worksheet
Week 4: Feedback Loops
Week 5: Critique the Reasoning of Others
Week 6: Complex Thinking

This schedule is tentative and may be updated based on participant interactions and needs.


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