MORE Tips and Tricks for Google Classroom

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This workshop is a continuation of the workshop “Google Classroom Tips and Tricks.” I had so many tips I needed another 6 weeks! You do NOT need to have taken the first workshop to participate in this workshop. This is a whole new set of tips and tricks! 

Part of the Genius of Google Classroom is you can get up and running in under 5 minutes. But then what… now that you’re using Google Classroom how to maximize your efficiency and hack it to do what you want? The format of this workshop is different than traditional Go Slow Workshops. Monday – Friday you will receive a tip a day for 6 weeks. Some of the tips will encourage you to try something and report back but most of the tips are just that… TIPS! You will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact around each tip. 


Week 1: Setting up Apps Script
Week 2: 2 Lines of Code
Week 3: 3 Lines of Code
Week 4: Make a Menu
Week 5: The For Loop
Week 6: Coding a Trigger


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