Increasing DOK with G Suite

Dates: June 10th – Aug 24th

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You don’t want summer to be all boring and laying around at the pool do you? No, clearly you should be hunched over your computer coding… oh wait, is that just Alice? 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good challenge! If you have taken the Google Apps Script workshop and want to practice and keep your skills sharp or sharpen your skills join me this summer for a weekly coding challenge. 

Each week I will post a coding challenge along with some hints, tips and reminders. Don’t forget you can also Google “Apps Script” to help you find some sample code to help you with the challenge. Share your code and frustrations with others in the workshop. Get the moral support you need, YOU CAN DO THIS! At the end of the week I will post how I did the challenge but that does not mean it is “the solution.” Coding is creative and there are multiple ways to accomplish different challenges. 


Each week will be a different Google Apps Coding challenge! 

This schedule is tentative and may be updated based on participant interactions and needs.


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