Go Slow Online Workshops

Go Slow Workshops and Description

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Online workshops with Alice Keeler. Instead of a 6 hour drink with a fire hose, let’s GO SLOW! One hour a week. These workshops take place in Google Classroom where each week you sign in, interact with Alice Keeler, try it out as a student, and then try it yourself. Let me know how it went, I’m here for support. A more effective way to PD… GO SLOW! 

Topics include: Google Classroom, G Suite, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and more.

Cost and Purchase Orders

Workshops are $49 each or $249 for an annual subscription. Contact info@alicekeeler.com for purchase order information. 

Need a site license or a customized Go Slow workshop for your school?

6 Weeks

Instead of a 6 hour PD, let’s spread it out over 6 weeks. Spend about an hour a week.

Google Classroom

The online platform we will use is Google Classroom.


Going slow allows everyone to interact with each other (and me), to ask questions and to share!

No Particular Time

The Go Slow workshops are asynchronous which means they do NOT require you to be online at any particular time.

New Things Each Week

Each week I will post some new activities, nothing that takes very long. Then provide you with an independent practice assignment to try something with your students.

Earn Units

Continuing education credits are available for an additional fee. 

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