Fresno: Coding Google Apps Script Workshop


Saturday August 3, 2019
9am – 4pm 

Location: 1719 L Street
Fresno, CA 93701

Cost: $39


You can code! The requirements for this workshop is that you know how to copy and paste! Bring your laptop and your lunch on Saturday June 29th to go from zero to hero! You will code! Google Apps Script allows you to answer the question, “Why doesn’t Google do…” You will learn to code Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. (Note: Apps Script also allows you to code Slides, Maps, and more but we will not be able to cover those in this workshop.) 

See this list of some of the things Alice Keeler has coded with Google Apps Script. For example, TemplateTab takes a roster of your students, and copies a graphic organizer per student within the same spreadsheet. A huge timesaver! 


The workshop will be conducted through Google Classroom to interact and share resources. You will need to either use a personal Gmail account ending in or get your Google Apps Admin to whitelist in the admin panel my domain