Week 1: Make a List
Week 2: Make Use of Tabs
Week 3: Collaborate in Spreadsheets
Week 4: Explore Data
Week 5: Conditional Formatting
Week 6: Hyperlinking

Drip E-mail Workshop

Drip workshops are Go Slow Workshops via email. This will allow you to start the workshop at any time.

Spreadsheets are an important skill for students to use in the 21st century. Every manager I know uses spreadsheets. Do not be afraid! You can have students do easy activities with Google Sheets and help them to not be afraid of this amazing tool! What can you NOT do in a spreadsheet is the question (an essay… I’ll give you that.)

Online Go Slow Workshops are available through the Premium Membership

Workshops offered of a variety of topics and levels

Get expert support from Alice as you learn and impliment ideas and tricks

Content at your own pace, about 1 hour of content a week