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“The person doing the work is the person doing the learning.” -Alice Keeler

Whether she is giving a keynote, guiding teachers in a breakout session, or providing personal feedback in a Go Slow Workshop, Alice empowers teachers to improve their instruction by using technology as a tool; using Google Classroom, G Suite, and other tools as platforms for learning across all grade levels and content areas. With a nearly endless supply of tips and tricks, and a deep understanding of sound educational research, Alice not only delivers the “what” of great teaching but also the “why” behind it. Her passion, coupled with her expertise, creates powerful PD experiences that truly make a difference in the lives of teachers and their students. If you are ready to make your instruction more student-centered, more collaborative, and more effective, Alice is ready to guide you along the way.

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Go Slow Online Workshops

One thing that is always a challenge when you have a PD day is that you have only that day to learn everything. No surprise we are totally wiped out at the end of a PD day. I’m passionate about online learning and that interactions are important. Check out my GO SLOW online workshop series. Each workshop takes place over 6 weeks. Learn a little, practice, learn a little more, practice… Each week is a new set of activities to try out. But we interact and learn from each other. This is a workshop, not a course.