Technology by itself does not improve learning. It does not create engagement. What makes the biggest difference in a classroom? Not an iPad or a Chromebook, it’s a highly qualified teacher. The magic bullet is not throwing screens at students, it is arming teachers with high quality pedagogy.

How Does This Improve Learning

If we want technology to have the impact we want we need to ask the right questions. The WRONG question is “How do I make this digital?” Whatever you want to make digital was likely designed for paper and there is no shame in leaving it there. Paper is not evil. Let’s stop shaming teachers that use paper or photocopies. Are they building relationships with kids? Are they creating thoughtful engaging activities? Paper is the wrong variable. When we do choose to use technology we have to ask “How does this improve learning?” “How do the students receive feedback?” “How does this allow the teacher to spend more time working WITH kids rather than talking AT kids?”

How does this make learning BETTER?

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