Check Off and Strike through a Name

I was asked if it is possible to have a list item strike out in a Google Sheets spreadsheet when a checkbox is checked. Yes you can.

Insert Checkboxes

In a spreadsheet highlight a range of cells or click on the column indicator and use the Insert menu to choose “Checkboxes.”

Highlight the List

Highlight the list you wish to cross out when the checkbox is checked. Right click and choose “Conditional formatting.”

Conditional Formatting

Change the default in the side panel from “Cell is not empty” to “Custom formula is.”

Custom Formula

This seems weird, but you will use TWO equals signs for your custom formula. You will start your custom formula with an equals sign and then write the expression you would normally write in a cell. The condition I want to check in my example is if the value in cell A2 is true. 
A checked checkbox has a value of true. A non-checked checkbox has a value of false.


Try it Out

That is it! Now when you checkbox the checkboxes in column A the values in column B will strikethrough.

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