Introduction to New Google Classroom

Dates: April 8th – May 18th

Regular Price $49. Weekend Special $20


This workshop is for teachers who are new to using Google Classroom or are new to the new formatting of using the Classwork page. Using technology is not about being paperless, it is a mindset around interacting with students and improving learning. In this workshop you will learn how to set up a Google Classroom class with a student centered mindset towards interacting with students. 

In this workshop you will experience Google Classroom as a student, this may be the most helpful part of the workshop! The opportunity to see it from the student point of view will help you to better teach with Google Classroom. Each week you will practice what it looks like as a student and then are provided with directions for how to replicate it with your Google Classroom class. Interact with Alice and ask questions to help you get your Google Classroom class set up and running. 


Week 1: Navigate
Week 2: Set Up a Class
Week 3: Interact
Week 4: Find Work
Week 5: Create Assignments
Week 6: Assess


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