Going Further with Google Classroom

Dates: June 17th – July 27th

Workshop Price $49


To make learning better we need to look at what improves learning and use technology to facilitate making that feasible. Not to just put our stuff online. It’s not digital, it’s different. Use Google Classroom to improve interacting with students, relationship building, and empowering independent learners. Let’s take the next steps with Google Classroom to go beyond the basics. 

This is the 2nd Google Classroom workshop in the Go Slow series. It is not necessary to have taken the other workshop, but you do need to be familiar with Google Classroom. With only 6 weeks per workshop, there is always more! This is a whole new 6 weeks of going further in using Google Classroom. 


Week 1: Student Centered Learning
Week 2: Managing Notifications
Week 3: Collaborative Activities in Google Classroom
Week 4: Faster Feedback
Week 5: Upgrade the Worksheet
Week 6: Group Work


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If you are not a subscription member please visit the subscription page for more information.

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