3D Printing Pancakes at CUE

Join me in booth #367 at the CUE conference. I will be 3D printing pancakes. (Don’t ask, this is what ends up happening when you’re friends with Jon Corippo.)

Printing Woes

We’ve been practicing printing the CUE logo and other things. My 6 year old is debuting his YouTube channel wfightsbacon.com at CUE. He designed the logo himself and he will be in the booth at CUE printing W Fights Bacon logos in Pancakes. We got those to work. My attempt however to print the CUE logo… disaster.


The CUE logo looks like the power on logo but a lot of little lines. After multiple attempts I have given up on this idea for printing. A bunch of disconnected lines is no bueno for flipping your pancake.

So I tried just writing out the letters CUE 19 and a big zig zag around it…. you can see below that it’s basically just a big messy pancake.

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